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Junk Services We Proudly Offer

You Name it, We Remove it

Junk Removal comprises a variety of kinds. We take away any junk you may have collected in the general cleaning of your home or basement. We can haul away the rubbish you may have cleared out—furniture, mattresses, trash, basically anything.

Furniture Removal, Mattress Disposal & More

Our professional junk haulers are experienced in removing the junk and doing it efficiently. We have a dedicated team of people that looks into how to dispose of your trash responsibly. You can trust that your disposables will likely be recycled or repurposed, and some will even be given as donations. Very little of your junk will go to landfills.

Hauling Services

Moving out and changing places is a part of life and nearly everyone goes through it at some point. If you have been in the same place for decades, that is a lot of time to accumulate piles of junk. You can’t just leave it there for the next person to get rid of, so give us a call, and we will haul it away for you.

Proper Handling

When you hire us, you can expect nothing less than excellent service that revolves around giving our clients the most efficient and competent work. We have served the Bay Area for quite some time and in all those years, we have always done our job exceptionally.

Work Equipment

Much like anything else, businesses go through improvements and upgrades. Over time, some of your machinery could be fully depreciated and need hauling away. We can step in right there and do the job for you. At your convenience, we can dismantle large machinery on-site to haul them away.

Industry Professional

But that’s not all we can offer regarding business junk removal. An entire department could have cleared away years of paper rubbish that can no longer be repurposed, or the business could be changing the furniture in one of the office lounges. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered.

Yard Waste Removal

Your yard is a part of your home that you simply can’t ignore, and is a place that is an easy victim to fallen tree branches and other debris from storms. Hauling away a large tree branch that might have fallen on your yard by yourself is not a good idea. It takes specific equipment to do the job safely and ensure that the process is done smoothly. Doing it on your own will end up being more trouble than it’s worth.

Organic Yard Disposal

Instead, call our team of experienced junk haulers. We take every job seriously and you can rest assured that we are doing everything we can for the hauling to go efficiently. We work swiftly and will not waste any of your time. If you have any questions regarding pricing and other concerns, feel free to give us a call.

Debris Removal

Before a building or house becomes a structure as we know it, it takes time and effort in building. The process of construction is a messy one—and the debris it leaves behind can be even more so. The materials and unwanted debris left behind by a construction project are potential safety hazards and look unattractive on the property.

Building Rubbish Removal

You can clean it by yourself, sure, taking a lot of time and effort. But the best option would be to call a professional junk hauling company to do the heavy lifting for you. Our crew will be in and out of your construction site before you know it, leaving behind your newly put up building nice and new.

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Our Junk Hauling Story

Accumulating junk in your home over time is something that can’t be avoided—mattresses eventually have to go, and that couch you’ve had for decades is already past its prime. Your basement is probably full of items you don’t need anymore. So, cleaning out your junk can be incredibly burdensome. Especially when a chunk of it consists of heavy furniture that you’re no longer going to use, and the city garbage collectors won’t pick up your discarded furniture for you. Eliminate this hassle by calling professional junk haulers to do the job. With DC Junk Removal, you can get rid of the junk in your home or business establishment without any fuss.


We cater to calls and services from any place within the Bay Area. As a team, we operate smoothly, and every service is done with the convenience of the client in mind. From commercial junk removal to dumpster rental, we are the one to call. Our services come in many forms, and we accommodate even the largest property cleanouts. Even though we have been in business for years, we still consider every job a big job. Every client or customer deserves the best standard of service we can provide.

Daily Goals

All of our lives are changing in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. The challenges that have come our way as a business were things we’ve had to conquer in the first few months. Now, we offer our clients services that are as safe as possible. We provide all our employees with personal protective equipment that can keep them and our clients safe. Even though it took some adjusting to get used to the maximum health and safety precautions, our service still remains top-notch. When you hire us, you are assured that the job is done in the safest, most efficient way possible.

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Why customers choose our service

If you are in need of a junk hauling service that is both affordable and dependable, we are the company for you. From performing our services with no hassle for the customer to disposing of junk in the most ethical way we can, we are definitely committed to the industry of junk hauling. While it may not seem like a fancy job, it is a necessity. And like every other thing, we treat our jobs with respect and diligence.

For any inquiries or questions regarding our services, give us a call now and our staff will be happy to accommodate you!

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Customer's reviews

Moving out was a breeze with these guys. I had a mattress, cabinets and a large fish tank that needed to get rid of. It was affordable even for a college student like me. Highly recommend!
Jacob Lamuels
San Francisco, CA
My roommate and I had so much junk accumulated over the years in the garage. Sam's service team was on time, professional and charged as quoted. I've been referring DC junk removal to all my friends since. Thanks again!
Jennifer Ruby
Daly City, CA
I am a construction manager and we had large piles of debris after the project was done. A quick search and my problem was taken care of. It saved me the time and hassle. Best part is they are locally owned and responded fast when I texted them.
Melvin Snow
Redwood, CA